Atelier Iceberg, 2013

By groups of six interaction design students, we had to bring together a lot of sources on a subject chosen by our teachers : the airport Notre-Dame-Des-Landes (France). Notre-Dame-des-Landes is a new airport building project in Nantes, which have been controversial since 1967. After a day of research, we classified all data and started to make them visible and understandable. With these analyzed datas, we produced four maps and a few infoviz for a better understanding of the subject.

We define who were in favor and those opposed to the project, how to link the different parties concerned and what are the key words for each one. We found that even though supporters or the project represented less than 1/4 or all the actors, they were actually stronger than the opponents thanks to a great control of the situation (and all the ecological arguments used by the resistance).

* Check our work and learn more about the subject here (FR).

Information Design

Data analysis