Diploma, 2015

The primary focus of my End of Studies Project was : smart cities and the evolution of mobility infrastructures and solutions in the digital age.

Population growth and urbanization have always led to dramatic increases in transport demand. Similarly, the buildup of transport infrastructures and technology breakthroughs have been changing the shape of major cities, as they have changed the way people live, work or communicate. If anything, modern urbanization and suburban growth are creating new and more complex challenges in terms of mobility management for all actors involved (governments, municipalities, public transportation companies, corporations, users). In particular, modern urban agglomerations need to promote a sustainable mobility model that will :

- encourage the use of public transportation and other, less environmentally damaging, modes of transport (e.g. car sharing, bicycles, vs. solo driving);
-fully leverage Big Data and new information & communication technologies to facilitate the use of existing infrastructures, transportation planning and management, networks interconnections and communication;
- improve the user experience – and thus enhance the city’s attractiveness – by providing an easier access to real-time information and implementing efficient, more customized, multimodal mobility management platforms.

In order to better apprehend the need for new and smarter mobility services, I have been conducting field research on uses and technologies. Based on this work, I design a tool to collect, cross-reference and analyze mobility datas for the purpose of providing an innovative mobility service based on collaborative power.

Pikk is a car-pooling service for people living in suburban areas. The app includes three main service :

- real time information on public transportation for those specific areas;
- a dynamic and instantanious car-pooling service for everyone (young, adults and older people) and everyday travels to go to work, do groceries, go to the movie theater or event to go shopping at the mall;
- a smart GPS for drivers with real time information on traffic, people in need for a ride and suggestions for local activities.

Pikk is free for everyone and rewards its users by offering them points they can transform into benefits in locals partners such as discounts on gas, movie theater tickets, restaurants, spa institutes and more.

* To read about the subject, download my mémoire here (available only in french...).
* To play with the app (V1), please click here.

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