Connected Environment Chair, 2014

During a three-day workshop for Connected Environments’ Chaire at L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, we were asked to create a service for the city based on datas collected in any connected environments.

During our observation, we realize that many datas were created on a daily basis without any specific infrastructure : activity on social networks. Mostly mobile-users, the people on social networks post everyday their feelings and pictures of places they went. With the addition of attendance, feelings and medias on one spot, the information becomes relevant to tell you if this spot is a good/trendy one.

#Placetobe is an app that tell you where to go in one city. From users activity on social networks (places on Facebook, hashtags and geolocalizations on twitter and Instagram), #Placetobe spots the trendiest places for going out, to eat something, to visit, to do cultural activies or attend a sport event. With one click, be at the right bar for watching the football game, or eating the best burger in town; with one drag, create your own touristic tour for the day!

Service Design

Connected Environments