World in Progress

GDF Suez & Capa entreprise, 2014

This is a one-week prospective project we worked on with Morgane Sanglier. We were asked by Capa Entreprise to work for a new ipad app for GDF Suez. This app suggested series of articles and longFroms (article written like stories) on Innovation and Sustainable energies.
Because today people are reading less and less newspapers, we decided to bring some fun inside this app to engage people through reading. Thus, we conceptualized a game app to learn more about innovation and sustainable energies.

Following the current trend for social and simulation games such as FarmVille or SimCity, we built a virtual city named World in Progress. In this city, Bubbles of various shapes (three reading temporalities - short datas, media contents and longForms) and colors (three type of purpose - educational, informative and unusual) move within the streets. The player needs to catch them and make sure their is no traffic issues. She/he can increase her/his score and share with people, or visiting friends cities.

Game design